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The Quick X3 Mini gyro had its Australian debut recently, with this exciting product attracting a lot of attention at both the New Zealand Boat Show and SCIBS last week.

Billed as the smallest, simplest, highest output mini gyro in the world, the Quick X3 Mini Gyros have been given their first local outings in both New Zealand and Australia. At the recent Hutchwilco NZ Boat Show, Tino Boats showed off this compact unit in their latest Fenton 770 AMPH. 

Mike Rose, who reviewed the boat for Pacific PowerBoat Magazine, commented that he was impressed with the ability of the Quick gyro and how it offered a whole new dimension to stability in a small boat.

“You could certainly feel the difference when the gyro was turned on or off and all that from a very compact unit that took up limited space”, says Rose.

Anyone who tows lures for hours in a trailer boat will undoubtedly appreciate the benefit a small gyro such as the Quick X3 can give to the ride and comfort of the boat.

The Quick X3 Mini Gyro’s footprint is just 42sqcm, weighs just 131kg, and produces a massive 3900N-m of anti-roll torque! Ideal for trailer vessels and small sport vessels, the X3 mini gyro is 12V DC, fully self-contained, air-cooled and designed to fit in spaces where other gyros would not dare. 

If you are looking for a gyro to reduce your trailer boat’s rock n roll, the Quick X3 mini gyro is an ideal option.

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