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Canadian-based Vision Marine Technologies is making a new electric outboard engine, the E-Motion 180E, and is taking reservations for the first production run.

“We finally achieved the balance we sought between power, functionality and autonomy,” said Alexandre Mongeon, CEO and co-founder of Vision, in a statement. “Our engine has surpassed our expectations in every aspect with 180 hp and 350 Nm of torque. We have the most powerful electric outboard engine available on the market.”

Added Vision Marine Technologies co-founder Patrick Bobby, “The electric revolution that has swept the automotive industry is knocking at our door, and major players are now investing in electric solutions.

The E-Motion 180E is noiseless, odourless and smokeless, has zero emissions and comes with a two-year engine warranty. The 650V electric motor is powered by a 60kwh lithium battery pack and has an onboard charging system.

The powertrain package includes the engine, battery pack, BMS (Battery management system), charger, monitor, throttle controls and all the other components needed to power your boat. 

Vision Marine estimated a range of around 70 miles at a 20 mph or 3.5 hours cruising speed. These factors depend on: type of boat, weather conditions, load and propeller. 


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