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Designed in collaboration with Servo Yachts, the Martini 6.0 is a 45m stabilised catamaran with an active suspension system that enables 4.87m of vertical travel in each hull.  

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Shuttleworth Design has worked with Servo Yachts on the development of the technology for over eight years and a variety of solutions and mechanical arrangements have been explored and tested.

The Martini 6.0 is a concept for a 45m high-speed catamaran with 4.87m of vertical travel in each hull. The Martini 7.0 is the latest and most advanced design currently in development. The catamaran is designed to maximise accommodation space, and is the next generation of a series of smaller prototype vessels ranging from 5m to 14m, that have been developed and tested in San Francisco Bay.

According to the United States National Library of Medicine, 1 in 3 people are considered highly susceptible to motion sickness.

However, almost everyone will become motion sick if exposed to intense movement. Servo Yachts’ technology solves the problem of seasickness and significantly improves the sailing experience so that everyone can enjoy travelling on the ocean.

Like David Hall’s 3D vision invention, the suspension system adjusts to feedback received in real-time based on a computer-automated electro-pneumatic mechanical system. This technology is an active method and is much more effective than current passive marine stabilisation devices which take more time to react to the motion of the sea. The system requires very little power and no warm-up time or complex vacuum systems, making it the most immediate, effective and safe option.

As well as providing total stabilisation, the system also has the unique ability to sync the motion of the suspended deck with another moving target, for example, when docking alongside a larger ship or recovering a smaller vessel at sea.

Shuttleworth Design are proud to work with Servo Yachts to push the boundaries of marine technology and believe this innovation will revolutionise marine travel in the same impactful way Hall’s lidar invention revolutionised vehicle transportation.


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