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Boosting Nic Douglass’s team’s mobility and presence on the water.

Sailing since she was 10 months old, Nic Douglass, known as The Sailor Girl, is the ubiquitous force in yachting media – covering sailing all over the world, promoting it and competing when her schedule allows.

The proud owner of a 6.51-metre Highfield Patrol 660, fully equipped with her high-tech AV gear, Nic has been enjoying the boost to her team’s mobility and presence on the water. “We added quite a bit of AV equipment in partnership with Shure, RGB-Link and ClearCom, which is completely removable so that the boat can function with or without it,” she reports. “The Patrol takes care of everything with ease, and aside from the specialist gear, it was spot on out of the factory.”

At 6.51-metres (21’4”), with a beam of 2.59-metres (8’6”), the Highfield Patrol 660 can carry 1,287kgs, rated for up to 13 people (and a couple of dogs!) with a 140-litre fuel tank and maximum 200hp. The 26-degree deadrise hull keeps the boat stable and steady and the passengers dry.

“I was commentating for the ABC for the Invictus Games in 2018 when I first noticed the Highfield brand. Their boats are incredibly efficient and a dream offshore.” Nic says her Highfield Patrol 660, known as SGHQ01 and dubbed “Ribbit”, has raised her coverage capabilities to the next level. “With the Highfield as our platform, not only can we be more flexible and more equipped, we are faster, safer and can be super consistent with what we can deliver,” she states. “This makes the product that we can provide, for sailing events, brands and teams even better. We have now tested it in some trying conditions, and we can say that the robustness and drivability make the long days so much more manageable, and enjoyable.”

SGHQ01 will be on show at the Sydney Boat Show, 1 to 4 August, among the Highfield display from MarineCo Group. “In 2026, with Games and no Cup, we will be able to focus a lot more locally – and I can’t wait for that!” Until then, Nic The Sailor Girl Douglass and her crew are enjoying putting their Highfield Patrol 660 to work. “It’s my ‘on-water office’ – our support boat, media boat and broadcast boat all in one. We managed to put it all together thanks to Highfield, Jands and Mercury, and I am so thankful and excited that we can take the adventures to the next level! It is such a weapon!

“Our mission to encourage more people to get out on the water is much more realistic now, thanks to our Highfield platform. I honestly love her.”



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