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When the Auckland Boat Show returns, from 17-20 March, 2022, it will be with more exhibitors, in a bigger footprint.

With the show moving to March to take advantage of Auckland’s season of boating, the new dates will allow visitors to experience summer on the water at the show.

The March show is set to be 15 per cent bigger than previously-planned shows and will be held in Jellicoe Harbour; formerly the America’s Cup team bases.

Scheduling the show for March dates has allowed for expansion both on water and on land. The show, which is known for its sea trials and extensive on-water component, will have an increased number of boats on display on the show marinas allowing for further sea trials and much-needed time in front of the boating public for the New Zealand marine industry.

On land exhibition space has also increased with more marquee space now available. Exhibitors have rapidly returned to the show with those from 2021’s cancelled October show quick to express interest, and new exhibitors vying for the newly-created space.

“We’re pleased to provide this platform for the industry to connect with the boating public,” says organiser Stacey Cook.

“We know how much New Zealanders enjoy getting out on the water, and incorporating the marine world in their leisure activities; and this is only gaining in importance as we all find new ways to unwind outside.”

The show has traditionally been run as a spring event across September or October dates, before the decision to shift to March was made this year, back to the original summer timing of the show, which was last run in 2010.

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