Axiom Integrates With Yamaha Helm Master Ex

by admin

Axiom/Yamaha CommandLink integration introduced in LightHouse Annapolis offers advanced autopilot functions as well as sophisticated monitoring.

When combined with the Yamaha CL5 Display, the Axiom family expands on the standard Helm Master EX autopilot offerings with Track Point, Drift Point and Waypoint arrival functions that provide unparalleled control of your vessel from piloting your boat seamlessly along a route to automatically decelerating as you approach a waypoint or final destination. 

With the ability to Go to, Route to and utilise the built-in Search and Rescue Patterns within the Axiom Display, Track Point transforms the on the water experience. It allows you to easily follow depth contours, navigate channel markers, explore structure, canvas an area and much more.  

Offering a deeper level of integration, the Axiom XL range provides full control of the Helm Master EX system without the need for a CL5 Display by using the MFD interface and remote keypad. 

“By combining Raymarine’s award-winning Axiom MFD range with Yamaha’s exciting new Helm Master EX advanced boat control system owners can enjoy a whole new level of control,” says Mark Milburn CEO of New Zealand Raymarine distributor Lusty & Blundell. “The integration makes it easier for them to navigate and reach their destinations and, once there, allows them to quickly and easily manoeuvre the vessel precisely where and how they want it.”

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