Axopar X Jobe

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Jobe Sports from The Netherlands and Axopar Boats from Finland have formed a partnership to produce a boat range specifically tailored to its matching water sports products.

The Axopar 22 Spyder is a combination of shared passion for fun on the water, innovation, know-how and years of experience. The Axopar x JOBE Revolve and its flagship model, the Revolve XXII, are based upon the Axopar 22 Spyder.

The Revolve is a true driver’s boat, exciting and fun to drive, and with great handling and performance, seaworthiness, safety and comfort. The boat is combined with a myriad of functions, options and alternative layouts all intended to suit a wide range of customers and their specific needs.

To signify a true Jobe water sports product is to create a striking appearance that is instantly recognisable. As a straight carry over from the signature Jobe brand styles, Axopar x Jobe Revolve boats have a striking and vibrant colour scheme, graphics and patterns seen extensively across all detailing, custom-made elements and on the Jobe products, delivered as standard with the boat.

Revolve models, including a ‘custom-made’ Peak towable water toy that fits perfectly inside the bow area underneath the foredeck seating. Another cool feature is the Axopar x Jobe hammock, a fun addition and a new perspective at sunbathing and lounging.

The flagship Revolve XXII comes with a custom-made hand painted special turquoise colour throughout the whole boat, accompanied by an extended full-size ‘Revolve’ hull wrap graphics.

You can mix and match according to your preference and select from the different available sociable layouts onboard, and for added comfort you can choose a

toilet, aft deck shower or bimini for sunshade to mention just a few available options. A ski pole comes as standard on both Revolve models.

Each boat comes uniquely with the Jobe Experience Package as standard, that include a variety of Jobe watersports gear, such as a complete Aero Yarra SUP kit, the Axopar x Jobe hammock, the Peak towable (including a 12V air pump), a tow rope and two Jobe life vests.

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