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Beerockets Combination Rod & Cup Holders are built to last.

Beerocket solves the problem of too many holes in the boat – now, one single hole lets you hold a drink bottle or a rod. That’s a considerable cost saving in time, product and boat damage!

The Beerocket range is extensive, covering straight, 15 deg and 30 deg options in ABS plastic and stainless steel. Plus, there is the option of oval or round tops.

Beerocket Combination Rod & Cup Holders function precisely like a standard cup holder and fishing rod holder combined. This means that a boat equipped with four cup holders and four-rod holders would only need four Beerocket’s to do the same job. The result is a vessel with a less cluttered appearance that is easier to maintain.

The design team at Mate Series draws on decades of experience engineering parts for the automotive, agricultural, defence, and marine industries. Metal parts are constructed of the highest quality 316 stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance. Plastic parts utilise impact-resistant ABS material similar to that used in the most demanding automotive applications

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