Built Boats Announces The TUFF 540

by admin

Built Boats has created the new Tuff 540 for fishing enthusiasts.

The Tuff 540 is a 5.4-meter-long hardtop powerboat designed and built-in from 15mm-thick carbon-infused HDPE which the company brand Tuff-plate. An excellent boat-building material, Tuff-plate floats, resists harsh chemicals and marine growth and has a carbon footprint approximately five times smaller than aluminium plate. 

The body of the Tuff 540 is filled with hundreds of so-called red cells—small, air-filled pockets that not only make the material shock and sound absorbent but also give it added buoyancy. This also makes the vessel robust, quiet and unsinkable. 

With, its large foam side fenders, spacious stand-on rear fishing platform, and wide sit-on side decks, the Tuff 540 makes the perfect fishing boat. After a hard day’s fishing, there’s no need to hose her down because Tuff-plate built boats are not affected by saltwater, fish guts, and any of the other harsh chemicals you’re likely to encounter at sea. 

Managing director Matt Gibson says: “The Tuff 540, puts innovation in the hands of the fisherman.”


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