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One of the coolest brands of European yachting clothing has just arrived in Australia & New Zealand.

Based in the Netherlands, Code Zero is a nautical lifestyle brand designed and endorsed by professional sailors.

Tried and tested in the Mediterranean and tough Atlantic seas, it’s classy and contemporary, combining practicality and comfort with the latest technical innovations. 

The aim is to integrate high-performance wear into a 24/7 lifestyle. Bright colours, clever fabrics and fits are all designed to catch attention – discreetly, of course. 

On long days and nights at sea, there’s nothing worse than clothing that’s too hot or too cold, too loose or too tight – or, worst of all, that stays wet for longer than a few minutes.  

Code Zero is on a global mission to revolutionise sportswear, raising the stakes and the standards. Stock is now in Australia, ready for the summer and autumn sailing seasons. It’s available through both of the Acme Group’s outlets, the uniform division, Quality Marine Clothing, and their online retail shop, Ross & Whitcroft. 

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