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Survitec brand, Crewsaver, has announced the launch of Exolok. 

Exolok is a new cylinder locking system that provides increased security for gas cylinders attached to lifejackets. 

Exolok will be fitted to all Crewsaver lifejackets going forwards. It can additionally be retrofitted to all existing Crewsaver lifejackets with UML or Halkey Roberts firing heads by owners.

Plus, from March 2021, Crewsaver inflatable lifejacket services carried out by approved service stations will incorporate Exolok as standard.

The innovative system removes any potential for a gas cylinder to work loose within a lifejacket, instilling more confidence than ever regarding lifejacket performance.

Users can perform a quick visual check to see that all is well, making sure their gas cylinder is correctly threaded with a glance to see that two arrows line-up.

The orange Exolok system is for UML operating mechanisms, while the yellow is for Halkey Roberts firing heads. From 2021 all-new Crewsaver lifejackets will include Exolok as standard, bringing safety and innovation to the forefront. Even though Exolok offers additional peace of mind, all existing advisories remain in place for regular lifejacket services.

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