Did Bill Gates Buy A US$645M Liquid Hydrogen-Powered Superyacht?

by admin

Bill Gates is widely reported to be melding his interest in alternative fuels and love of yachting, having commissioned a futuristic looking, 370ft super yacht powered by liquid hydrogen.

However according to the designers Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design, which released the concept at Monaco in 2019, the boat, named Aqua, is not sold and they say that the hydrogen concept Aqua is not linked to Mr Gates in any form or matter.

If he has actually agreed to have the boat built this would be the Microsoft co-founder’s first yacht purchase, at an estimated US$645m. With accommodation for 14 guests and 31 crew, Aqua boasts five decks that include a gymnasium, yoga studio, hydro-massage parloUr and a cascading pool on the rear deck.

But despite its unique look and features, the most impressive is below deck in the engine room, where two, one-megawatt, 28-tonne vacuum-sealed tanks that are chilled to -423F and filled with liquid hydrogen to power the ship, which is said to be able to reach a top speed of 17kt with a range of almost 4,000 miles.

The use of alternative fuels extends to cabin heating, which is accomplished with gel-based fire bowls.

Whether Gates has decided to but the boat or not it is certainly an outstanding vessel that awaits any visionary client to show interest.

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