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Dockmate, manufacturer of advanced wireless remote controls for yachts, announced recently expanded compatibility and new functionality for select engines.

Dockmate has expanded its list of compatible engine controls to include MTU CAN bus, Yanmar VC20 (Yanmar’s newest CAN bus controls) and Twin Disc EC300 Digital Control Head (Twin Disc’s new CAN bus system). When configured with an Analogue Engine Universal Speed Control Interface, Dockmate now supports Suzuki Precision Control.

The Dockmate Engine Universal Speed Control Interface also enables smooth, fully proportional and variable speed throttle control on a wide variety of analogue engine controls. This type of engine throttle control allows the user to increase the engine RPMs to have a greater and safer amount of control of the boat in a marina when there is current, or wind and idle speed is not enough to manoeuver the vessel properly. 

In addition, Dockmate has expanded support for its Slow Mode software option. For most applications, a yacht’s idle speed is easy to manage. Still, for manoeuvring in exceptionally crowded harbours, boats with powerful engines are often fitted with some slow mode feature for greater control at low speeds. Rexroth and MAN use trolling, Caterpillar’s SPM reduces the engine RPMs, and Volvo Penta’s Low Speed mode uses a combination of both. Dockmate’s Slow Mode software option enables users to activate and deactivate the boat’s respective slow mode.

The Dockmate signal reaches up to 50m, which is the longest range in the industry and does not require an expensive range repeater on larger vessels, like competitive products.

With two-way communication between the remote (transmitter) and the Receiver, the Dockmate system ensures the operator is always aware of communication status. In the unlikely event that the signal is lost, the Dockmate remote control transmitter will sound three alarms: audible (buzzer), visual (flashing light) and tactile (vibration). 

With the recently released Dockmate Cradle fixed-mount wireless charging pad, users no longer have to choose between a fixed joystick or remote control. The combination of the Dockmate TWIST joystick remote and the new Dockmate Cradle enables a cutting-edge feature: Fixed Joystick Mode. Once the TWIST joystick remote is placed in the cradle, it can be used just like any other third-party joystick docking system. The true innovation is that users immediately have the flexibility of a wireless remote control by taking the remote out of its cradle.

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