E-Iguana 29 Amphibious & Electric

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The Iguana is a whole new look at amphibious vehicles as we know them. Sealegs lead the world when it comes to boats with wheels, but what French manufacturer, Iguana-Yachts is offering is something entirely different.

Instead of using wheel technology they have gone the way of a new design they call the Iguana Mobility System. This sees the landing gear mounted on rubber tracks that are able to fold on the sides of the boat to nearly disappear except for the rubber bands that are kept out to be used as fenders.

The aluminium frame of the landing gear is treated with epoxy paint to assure the ability to withstand the saline environment. The wheels are mounted on carbon fibre blade suspension and the sprockets are ingeniously welded to let sand and pebbles pass through without obstructing the passage of the rubber track.

Now the company has gone a step further with the release of the E-Iguana 29, the first electric amphibious boat with a total admissible weight of up to 4.5 tonnes. This means that from now on, Iguanas can extend their low environmental impact with zero local emissions and hardly an audible whisper. The market launch of this technology is the beginning of a new era for Iguana Yachts.

Technically, the E-Iguana 29 is based on heavy-duty electric motors that use efficient three-phase drives with a power output of 22 kW. These extremely durable motors are especially suitable for the most rugged environments.

The entire conventional drivetrain is now replaced by an electric drive with electric motors directly adjacent to the wheel hubs. The power is supplied by a battery pack consisting of battery modules. This results in a range of up to 110 minutes – enough for ten days of typical daily use.

Thanks to the integrated concept with motors adjacent to the wheel hubs, the batteries are housed in a protected location inside the frame. With this solution, there is no increase in the weight. The permissible gross weight and performance of the boat remain the same as the previous hydraulic system.

Sensational Layout

From the top yacht finish of the metallic paint to the modern interior, the first impression is refinement and balance. All and every little detail blends to create this very different boat. The interior has been meticulously designed in every detail. The table ideally fits at the stern deck and comfortably accommodates seven guests. The bar is embedded in the centre of the table, where the crystal glasses ingeniously slide in a wood box padded with leather allowing to store and remove safely.

To create a warm contemporary feel to the interior, seats include an increased quantity of stitching. The storage boxes located under the seating are leather covered and every compartment is thought to store personal belongings conveniently.

At the helm, the wheel and the controls are leather covered. The front monitor gives a clear view of the electronic system, all in one GPS and sound system. Everything is at your fingertips for effortless operation.

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