Electric Boats Release EBP

by admin

EBP (Electric Boats Platform) is Electric Boats newly developed control and management platform for a range of Electric propulsion options on the water. 


Developed in New Zealand used on the new Herley 3400 Electric powercat, EBP is a system that is controlled through both an intuitive touch screen, and a familiar throttle at the helm. It has been designed to easily navigate through the options of how a vessel consumes and regenerates energy and connects and controls the electric motors, throttle, battery bank, generator engine, the cooling system, shore power and onboard charging. 

“When we built our 3400 Electric powercat we couldn’t find a suitable system integrator at the right price, so we set about designing our own”, says Sea Kelly, Director of Electric Boats Ltd.

He added, “The new system has proven a lot less expensive to build than any competitive brands and has greater versatility. Plus it allows you to add any module or interface, such as many generators, multiple solar panels, multiple battery chargers and multiple inverters”.

The main drive display shows the user how much energy is being consumed by the props, how much battery percentage remains, the range at current speed, and vital temperature gauges. You have the option of four modes of operation with smart features to provide the best experience in each setting. 

The Primary mode is Silent mode, using battery only as the propulsion choice. Economy Mode uses the battery and the generator at its most efficient power generation. Direct mode, uses the generator only to provided power. Sport mode offers unlimited access to all power availability. 

When returning to dock the shore charging system is designed to make use of current marina standard sockets/outputs available, so no additional equipment is required. The first system has been successfully installed and tested on the new Herley 3400 powercat.


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