Electric Power Steering From Dometic

by admin

Dometic Marine has introduced a ground breaking new electric power assist steering system. 

Easy to be mounted to all major outboard brands and integrated with existing steering systems, the latest innovation brings smooth and easy power steering to mechanically steered outboard powered boats.

Dometic Marine has unveiled its new Electric Power Assist Steering, engineered to bring the smooth, easy control of electric power-assisted steering to a wide range of popular boats.

This latest innovation from Dometic Marine made its boating industry debut recently, during the 2020 “Virtual” IBEX show. Dometic Electric Power Assist Steering is an affordable, easy-to-install solution that brings reduced steering effort and a more enjoyable driving experience to mechanically steered boats with single outboard power from 90 to 200 horsepower. It integrates with any existing SeaStar rack or rotary cable steering system, so there is no need to install new steering to take advantage of this breakthrough. It also works with either standard or tilt helms.

Electric Power Assist easily mounts to all major outboard brands and integrates with the boat’s mechanical steering. It reduces steering effort to levels similar to Dometic’s Electronic Power Steering, with quick response to the wheel and consistent steering effort from Starboard to Port. Once this system is installed, the mechanical steering cable now only turns the power assist unit, while the electric steering actuator turns the engine load.

This system differs vastly from competitive “electric helm” systems on the market, because it does not increase the load on the mechanical steering helm or cable. This ensures reliable long-term performance in real-world, on-the-water conditions. However, in the unlikely event the power assist unit stops functioning, a Failsafe System automatically reverts to standard mechanical steering. Electric Power Assist Steering is scheduled for production in early 2021.


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