Electric Rim Outboard

by admin

French-based company HY-Generation has developed a lightweight rim drive outboard with self-adjusting blades. 

The RIM6 model has self-pitching blades that see the pitch changes according to the conditions, which is an efficient use of battery energy. The tips face inwards, and the blades can pivot on a 90oaxis and adjust to variable loading.

. At low speed, they move to a coarse pitch to aid low-power manoeuvres. As the speed increases, the pitch gets finer to save power. All this happens without any external control. Instead, physics laws balance the reduced resistance from the forward movement against the centrifugal force of the power available. The carbon fibre cowling or ‘nozzle’ has also been designed with a ‘hydrodynamic stall’ profile to improve efficiency by 35%.

This propellant is the result of a total overhaul of propulsion concepts. It incorporates the best technical innovations in the service of efficiency and performance. Its carbon nozzle houses a brushless and hubless motor, which is submerged during operation. Extremely manoeuvrable and light, this thruster of only 12 kg has a power output of 6kW (8hp) focused on 60 kg of thrust for all types of boats with displacement up to 3 tons.


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