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Zeus is the collaboration of Brad Heald of 2illustrate Ltd. and Kevin Dibley of Dibley Marine Ltd.  Our thoughts were, ‘why aim for the moon when you can reach for the stars’. MY Zeus is designed for complete luxury and opulence.  Able to be self sufficient for up to three months at sea, with 20 guests and 20 crew.

At 100m overall, Zeus isn’t the sort of superyacht you are going to slip into your average berth and with a beam of 13m, draft of 2.8m and a displacement of 5,200,000 kgs it is one big muther! Powered  by a Hybrid Gas Turbine – Electric Propulsion System @ 75,000HP, Zeus has turnable pods mounted at the stern of the vessel to provide thrust in any direction. Max speed is 25 knots, with a cruise speed of 20 knots.

The 2900m2 of living space includes: 450m2 of owners private living area – Atrium salon and dining – full chefs galley – 5 star guest accommodation and VIP suites – movie theatre – rear beach plate form with Beach club – Gym – Jacuzzi – 10 lap pool – Helicopter landing pad – crew area – captains cabin – tender garage – sub garage – complete marine biology and dive lab for deep sea treasures and exploration.

There is also a 3-man deep sea submersible (launched from underneath), a 35’ classic ships launch and a 35’ RIB tender.

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