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Auckland Boatbuilder Lightning Marine, creators of the FatCat range of boats, continues to field growing interest locally and internationally. 


Less than 18 months after the FatCat 4000 was released, and despite Covid challenges, FatCat’s can already be found in five countries with many more on the cards.

The boats are gaining traction in the government sector also. The Korean Fire department evaluated the boats’ characteristics against other designs and recently placed an order for three boats to enhance their search and rescue capability. Two of these boats will be fitted out with the latest underwater sonar equipment for diving support and recovery, while the remaining vessel will fill a more diverse support role. 

All vessels feature significant lifting lugs as this is the preferred launching method in Korea. This is FatCat’s first foray into the global search and rescue market, and this order will be shipped in April along with other FatCat 4000’s destined for private use. 

Designed and built in New Zealand, The FatCat 4000 was conceived to meet the need for a safe, stable and spacious boat that performs well but in a size range that remains affordable to most kiwis. Constructed from rotomoulded polyethylene, the FatCat 4000 is quiet, maintenance-free, versatile and incredibly tough. 


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