Fenton Marine – Flyfin 540 Fisher

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FlyFin 540 Fisher

Our new design concept this week comes from Tauranga based Nicholas Fenton who has stepped out of his usual SBM boats and into the competitive world of all aluminium trailer boats.
Nicholas Fenton, through Tino Marine, is well known for his un-puncturable, impact absorbing alternative to traditional RIB pneumatic tubes. He calls it SBM (Solid Core Buoyancy) which provides increased stability and minimal maintenance

However, he is also busy designing custom boats for the alloy trailer boat market. Amongst those is the FlyFin 540 Fisher, which is the first in this range of boats to be marketed under the FlyFin brand. This is just the first and will soon be followed by 4.6m, and 5m versions, that will be released later in 2020. The first two customer boats will be delivered in June 2020 and were to be on display at the now cancelled Hutchwilco NZ boat Show.

“We love building high end bespoke boats for our overseas and local clients but we also have a lot of inquiry from local people and friends and family for good quality, well built, safe boats for use in NZ that are not going to break the bank”, says Nicholas.

The concept of the FlyFin range of boats is simple. Using modern manufacturing techniques and sophisticated CAD hydrostatic software usually only reserved for big dollar builds Nicholas says that he can design and build a boat that is very safe, strong, handles the New Zealand conditions and looks fresh and contemporary.

“A focus on “ease of use” is always high on my design criteria. Such as an easy to fold bimini, as most NZ households have storage restrictions. It is nice to have a good strong bimini that will keep the weather of you when at sea but not be too much effort to stow when you get home” adds Nicholas. The FlyFin 540 Fisher features rounded inner gunwales that make for the perfect fishing leaner, plus providing a good seat. There is a built-in bait station, adjustable seating, and a easy folding rocket launcher with folding bimini, LED down lights and rod storage.

Basic specs of the FlyFin 540 are 5.40m overall, with a beam of 2.30m. deadrise of 17 deg and an estimated weight of 940 kgs.  Power options are single out boards, 75-115hp and construction is 5mm bottom with 4mm sides and structures.

Nicholas Fenton www.tino-marine.com

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