Fyran 695 Pursuit

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Fyran 695

Author : Freddy Foote

In the Hunt

With a growing number of hardtop models now in the Fyran range, which is currently at eight, one of the first questions asked, is the new 695 Pursuit an extended or shortened version from what is already an existing model? Well, Fyran have in fact extended the boat by 540mm from the highly successful 645 Pursuit model, which sees this boat measure in at 7.05m in length. The cabin and interior is the same, but Martin Wylie, Fyran’s General Manager says the cockpit has been extended to create the biggest cockpit possible for fishing, diving and family fun. “It retains the excellent offshore sea keeping and riding performance, but now has even more stability at rest. The huge cockpit also allows the addition of king and queen seats without encroaching on cockpit space.” The Fyran 695 continues the Fyran tradition of long waterline length / beam ratio meaning easily driven hulls and therefore lower horsepower outboards.

The result is a hull that can have all the speed and acceleration performance required with just 150hp as we see on this test boat. Wylie says that this ensures the 695 will have better fuel efficiency, lighter fuel loads, greater offshore fishing range, or a combination of them all. Underfloor of the 695 the stringers, ribs, hull and tread plate floor are all welded together for total strength. The 5mm aluminium hull has a combination of sealed chambers and foam flotation giving a CPC rating of “unsinkable.”

Open Layout

 The layout of the 695 Pursuit follows a common style that is associated with other alloy hardtops currently on the market, open and clean. The roof of the hardtop section is actually constructed out of fibreglass, and connects the three-piece windscreen to the top of the foredeck. This is where one of the main differences in the 705 GT models is, as it features a curved windscreen, fibreglass cabin top, though both models share the same hull. Forward in the sizeable cabin there is plenty of storage available via the storage shelves that run the length of each side and under the squabs of the vee birth. On test day this cabin area provided a great space to store gear, such as spare life jackets, chilly bins, even a surfboard! There was also fully lined with carpet around the sides, and provided access to the foredeck area via the large alloy deck

hatch above. No anchoring done from the helm on this particular boat, so our anchoring on the day was done the old fashioned way by standing through the deck hatch and doing it by hand. A helm controlled anchoring system can be fitted should you wish. At the helm a Humminbird colour GPS/Fishfinder combo was fitted into the dash, alongside was a Garmin NMEA 2000 engine gauge, which was linked into the Honda BF150 four-stroke outboard. Carpeted storage pockets are available on both the passenger and drivers side, and were a great place to store cell phones, handheld VHF, keys, drink bottle etc.

Immediately in front of the passenger seat is a handy grab rail for when underway in rougher conditions. Another rail ran along the topside of the cabin entrance should another crewmember want to stand up front when underway. Interestingly, I recall when I tested the larger 760 models a few years ago that the boat lacked a handrail along the top of the cabin entrance. Maybe the Fyran designers listened! Seating on this 695 Pursuit came in the form of a twin swivelling pedestal seats mounted on bases, with storage underneath. Aft facing passenger seats were also built into the bases on both sides.

Fisherman Friendly

From a fisherman’s perspective, the 695 Pursuit certainly ticked a lot of boxes. Plenty of storage space was evident, with large side pockets running the full length of the cockpit, as far forward as the cabin bulkhead at the helm. A rocket launcher was located above, we used it a couple of times on test day, I was pleased to find that I didn’t have to stretch too far to get the rods into their holders. Easy for me as I’m reasonably tall, those who are shorter in stature might struggle a bit. Four rod holders are positioned around the cockpit, with a further two positioned in the removable bait board aft – which also doubles as a ski tow point with an attaching eye built in for a ski rope. The cockpit was fairly spacious for fishing – a key design concept of the 695 Pursuit. Three of us managed to fishing comfortably together, and there would have been more than enough room for a fourth angler too. You get two options as far as the configuration of your cockpit, you can opt for the full tread plate floor as seen here, which I liked – add some tube matting and it’ll be even better. Or, there is also an option for a plywood floor covered in marine vinyl, which is $1725 cheaper than the tread plate.

A boarding ladder is located on the port side of the full width boarding platform, and access in and out of the cockpit is via the walk through which completes with a slide in door. All of the onboard systems such as batteries are housed in a large waterproof locker in the transom and can be accessed via two large hatches.

Powered by Honda

Our 695 Pursuit was powered with a 150hp Honda four-stroke outboard. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the performance of the whole package. Prior to hitting the water I had thought it may have been slightly underpowered with the 150hp, and was thinking a 175hp would have been a better match. However once on the water, and getting all the speeds and fuel figures sorted out, the numbers were fine. At 6000rpm the 150hp Honda managed to push the 695 Pursuit to 40mph, and using 48.6lph. On our test day we departed Westhaven in central Auckland and headed out to the Rangitoto channel for a quick fish. A few snapper later, we elected to head out around the back of Rangitoto, checking out a few more spots along the way, before circumnavigating the Island and making our way back to Westhaven through the Motuhie channel. Water conditions were perfect, with only a light breeze of about 10-15knots. We found a comfortable and economic cruise speed of about 22mph @ 4000rpm and using 17lph. Given the 200L fuel tank onboard you’re going to have hours of economical boating before needing to refuel. For those who like to venture a little further and to chase things a little bigger, 1500rpm will return around 6.5knots and 3.6lph. I comment on this, as the boat has been designed for those who want to go a little further out come game season and the boat will present itself well as a small game fisher. Add a couple of game poles, a live bait tank and the large cockpit will give you plenty of room to work, bring a fish onboard, or secure it across the back of the full width boarding platform for the trip back to weigh in. Throttle response was good, the 150hp four-stroke managing to push the 695 Pursuit up onto the plane pretty easily. I imagine that with a 175hp or 200hp outboard, the boat would be really responsive and would be quite a sweet rig. The driving position was great, either seated – which allowed you to sit high with a good view for’ard, and was really comfortable with the footrest below. The seating layout gave you adequate room to stand and drive should you wish if the appropriate conditions presented themselves. No side windows, which might have been nice for some extra breeze, but given the open layout of the helm area, come summer time; ventilation shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Easy to launch? Well, I can’t say exactly, this was one of those arrive and go deals as the boat was in dry stack storage. But, from experience and a boat of this size, a tandem axle multi roller trailer would be a must, and you’ll need at least two people to launch and retrieve.

I’ve always said that Fyran and some of the best put together and nicely finished alloy boats on the market, and the 695 Pursuit is no different. As tested, this package was priced at $83,300 and is already fitted with such optional extras as the walk through transom, tread plate floor, and the electronics package. The only thing I would add would be the Burley bucket and plunger, as well as a live bait tank somewhere and you’ll be good to go! I liked the extended hardtop as it gave a little extra protection, the boat had great stability, and huge boarding platform make it ideal for all NZ boating requirements, including water skiing, diving, as well as inshore and offshore fishing.


  • Model: Fyran 695 Pursuit
  • Buildder: Fyran Boats
  • Priced From: $NZ63,294
  • Price as Tested: $NZ83,300
  • Type: Hardtop
  • Construction: Aluminium
  • LOA: 7.05
  • LOH: 6.95m
  • Beam: 2.34m
  • Deadrise: 17 degree
  • Trailerable Weight: 1880kg
  • Engine Capacity: 150-200hp
  • Power Options: Outboard
  • Fuel Capacity: 200L


  • Make: Honda
  • Power: 150hp
  • Model: Four-stroke
  • Cylinder Config: 4 cylinder
  • Displacement: 2354cc
  • Max rpm: 6000
  • Propeller: Solas 14.25 x 17

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