Glendinning Joystick Controls

by admin

The Glendinning ProPilot is an optional accessory added to most existing and any new Glendinning control systems on boats with inboard propulsion and bow/stern thrusters. 


The Glendinning ProPilot system is suitable for installing all inboard powerboats with bow thrusters (or bow and stern thrusters), and sailboats with both bow and stern thrusters fitted. An integrated thruster control keypad can control the thrusters directly without the need for a separate thruster panel.

Combining the available thrust of the boat’s engine and thruster (s) the Glendinning ProPilot system allows simple and intuitive boat handling even in the most unfavourable winds or currents.


It is compatible with mechanical or electronically controlled engine throttles, shifted transmissions and controlled trolling valves. Plus for use with all thruster brands and types, including, electric, hydraulic, single speed and proportional.

The ProPilot-S is a propulsion control system optimised for single-engine applications. It is compatible with any transmission, either mechanically or electronically throttled and any brand of thrusters.

Installation is straightforward since the ProPilot joystick can be added to existing helm stations control heads with a short CANbus cable, and connected to the helm station thruster controls with plug-in connectors for any brand or type of bow/stern thruster. The joystick function is customised (balanced) for each vessel using an easy to use PC program.

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