Gofuel For Tamaki Marine Park

by admin

Tamaki Marine Park is now offering fuel in collaboration with Gofuel. 


This collaboration brings a new marine fuel supply to Tamaki Marine Park customers and boat users of the Tamaki River. GOfuel will be offering petrol (95 octane) and diesel to boat owners at Tamaki Marine Park. Fuelling will be carried out either at the fuel berth, located by the dry stack marina or directly into your boat in the boatyard if you are on the hardstand or in the marina.

The fuel dock will be operational on Fridays 12-5 pm and Saturdays and Sundays, 7 am-12 pm. A booking system is in place via text message. Text GOfuel on 027 227 7028 to schedule a fill during these hours.

If fuelling is required on other days, please call or text GOfuel with your fuelling details and requirements. A fuel account and card will be needed, and this can be easily arranged on the GOfuel website: www.gofuel.co.nz/pages/fuel-card-application.

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