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Grand Banks Yachts continues to reinvent the tradition of exploring the world in style.

Sometimes, in the pursuit of the cutting edge, boatbuilders leave their heritage in their wake. Not so with Grand Banks Yachts. Under the leadership of world-renowned ocean-racing sailing champion Mark Richards, the company has achieved the rare feat of creating vessels that push the envelope in terms of construction and technology while still proudly embracing their DNA. The Grand Banks 54 is a perfect example of this philosophy.

Since the first ground-breaking Grand Banks 36 hit the water in 1964, the company has been a pioneer in the world of long-range cruising, redefining time and again a yachting lifestyle that exemplifies freedom, adventure, and onboard luxury. The GB54 proudly pays homage to this history, while utilizing next-generation design and build techniques developed by Mark Richards and the company’s in-house design and engineering team.

The GB54 has been ergonomically designed to keep the workload of owner-operators to a minimum. At the helm station, you’ll find the control interface inspires that delightful feeling of having power at your fingertips. Whether you choose pod or shaft drive, the combination of joystick controls and uninterrupted sightlines will make easy work of navigating into a tight slip. Like all Grand Banks models, each GB54 is built to order and designed with owner satisfaction in mind. To that end, there are several layout, accommodations, and propulsion options for owners to choose from. including galley-up or down, and two- or three-stateroom variations.

Like all of today’s next-generation Grand Banks, the GB54 is built with the company’s proprietary V-Warp® Technology.  Trademarks of a V-Warp hull include a fine entry on the bow, graceful curvature amidships, and a minimal deadrise at the transom, all of which reduces drag while adding buoyancy, stability, and lift, allowing the boat to reach planing speeds with minimal energy and effort. The V-Warp Technology build process uses a combination of vinylester e-glass in the hull, unidirectional and multi-axial carbon fibre in the deck and superstructure, and a perfect resin-to-material ratio, that increases strength and durability while reducing weight.

And finally, each V-Warp hull is fused directly to the bulkheads, the carbon fibre deck, and the superstructure of the vessel. All of this leads to a finished product that is incredibly strong and delivers a soft, quiet ride, and a hull form that reduces drag while adding buoyancy, stability, and lift, allowing the boat to reach planing speeds with minimal energy and effort.

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