Hamiltonjet Release New HJX29 Waterjet

by admin

HamiltonJet has launched the HJX29 – the first model in its new HJX waterjet series. 

This range sits just below the HTX jets in size and will gradually replace the globally popular HJ jet range. HamiltonJet Managing Director, Ben Reed, says HJX packs a real punch.

“HJX jets will deliver 4-6% more thrust at higher speeds than the previous HJ Series waterjets. Despite their compact dimensions, the HJX range will be capable of achieving speeds over 50 knots, when matched with suitable engines and hull design.

“Compared to the HJ series, HJX also achieves 15-20% more bollard pull and greater sway thrust than the previous HJ series.

“HJX is a great example of our continuing drive to design waterjets that deliver the ultimate combination of high speed efficiency with low speed capability,” says Ben Reed.

Through a compact inboard footprint, narrow jet spacing, low profile design and fully integrated hydraulics and controls, the HJX series uses space efficiently. It makes the series ideal for vessels up to 15m long (vessel dependant), particularly military patrol, aquaculture, search and rescue and recreational boats.

HJX is compatible with a wide range of engines from global manufacturers and is offered with a variety of control options, including AVX – HamiltonJet’s next generation, future-ready control option – as well as blueARROW and mechanical-hydraulic controls.

“With HJX our customers can reduce their overall installation and construction costs without compromising vessel performance, and they will see performance improvement and fuel economy saving,” says Ben Reed.


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