Haswing Ultima Electric Outboard

by admin

Haswing’s Ultima electric outboard is a perfect match for small inflatables, tenders and car-toppers.

It can also be used to power some small yachts or be used as an auxiliary motor. Its powerful brush-less electric motor can deliver up to 110lbs thrust of step-less adjustable speed control in either forward or reverse, equivalent to that from a 4hp petrol outboard. However, at just 15.9kgs, it is considerably lighter than a 4hp petrol outboard.

The Haswing Ultima’s unique vertical battery mount design creates an extremely compact outboard and, with the battery able to be easily removed onshore or at sea, the result is two light and very easy to handle 5kg and 10kg components, perfect for stowing on-board or in a vehicle.

Suitable for both salt and freshwater use, the Ultima boasts a maximum speed of around 5 knots and can cruise economically at around 3 knots, giving a range of up to 18 nautical miles (34 km) on a single charge. With a maximum 55 decibel rating, the Ultima complements its long-range with ultra-quiet cruising.

Its lightweight, compact design makes it easy to attach and detach both on land and at sea and, with seven tilting positions, can be used in almost every depth of water.

The Ultima’s rechargeable LiPo battery has a LED battery level indicator that provides an up-to-the-minute battery status display, an extendable folding handle that can expand to 400mm and has a tilting angle of 180 degrees, and a handy magnetic kill switch.

The new Haswing Ultima electric outboard has a great value launch price of just $NZ2499.


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