Herley Hybrid 3400 Pre-Launch

by admin

The team at Herley Boats have been keen to get the first Hybrid 3400 Powercat into the water, after delays due the Covid-19 pandemic.

Currently in Tauranga undergoing the final stages of her luxury fit out, the Herley 3400 is in the final stages of having the interior completed.  The team is also finalising the commissioning and development of the powercats hybrid system.

The Herley Hybrid Powercat 3400 is powered by a 60 kWh Li-Ion battery bank which runs two 100kW electric motors. It also boasts a 120kW variable speed generator. The hybrid control and operational system is being developed in house, and is designed in a scalable format to accommodate future builds of all sizes.

The Herley Hybrid Powercat 3400 can be operated in four modes, making the most of this hybrid system for changing uses of this vessel. Silent mode is for battery only operation. Eco mode uses both the electric motors and the generator operating at their most energy efficient format. Sport mode using the electric motors and the generator combined, and operating at peak performance levels. The Direct mode uses the generator power only.


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