Horizon FD Series Brochure Released

by admin

Learn more about Horizon’s acclaimed Fast Displacement (FD) Series in the 2022 FD Series Brochure.

The yacht series pioneered the high-volume trend and continues to outpace the imitation with its technological innovations in both design and construction. Now available online, the FD Series Brochure explains the innovation of Horizon’s propriety High-Performance Piercing Bow and hull design and highlights the endless possibilities for customisation that have spurred this series to include six models with multiple configurations. 

The FD Series features a High-Performance Piercing Bow (HPPB) – a proprietary design by Horizon Yachts in consultation with Cor D. Rover. In conjunction with the hybrid hull shape and tunnel design, this design delivers a shallow draft, a more comfortable ride, lower resistance, and excellent stability. The HPPB and hull design demonstrated across-the-board hydrodynamic improvements in both tank and CFD testing. While alternative bow designs that feature protrusions work more efficiently at either high or slower speeds, the HPPB brings efficiencies at slower speeds and higher speeds.

Horizon partnered with leading Dutch designer Cor D. Rover to conceptualise the FD Series, the first of its kind, in a revolutionary design that efficiently combines style and space with performance and comfort.

For more than 34 years, Horizon has been pioneering the design and build of exceptional motor yachts for discerning owners. Leaders in advanced composite technologies and naval architecture, Horizon sets the standards for innovation, with the FD Series testimony to that.


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