Inflatable Fender Protector From Safe2dock

by admin

Safe2dock offers a whole new perspective on inflatable docking systems.

The Safe2dock inflatable docking systems is available in either manual or auto inflate.

That keeps the fenders nice and hard irrespective of the temperature. There is a master and a slave unit available to keep multiple fenders at the optimum pressure no matter what the conditions.

All the fenders are designed to sit above the water, and are fixed to the dockside with stainless fastenings. Constructed using durable fabric with body armour, they are also slime free, so there is no algae growth.

The fenders come in a variety of diameters from 260mm up to 560mm and in either 1500mm or 3050mm lengths. There are three inflation points, a pressure relief valve and ample D-rings to fix the fenders to the dock.

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