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 To win Valleyfield is the ultimate in Grand Prix Hydroplane racing but it has its challenges as the Kiwi Lupton brothers found out

The sequence of photos attached are from Valleyfield of Jack Lupton racing in the American GP Series, the result of handling issues in the corners. Still having turning issues with both boats this tight course proved to be an issue for their boats , adjustments were made to their turn fins to try and improve the turning .

GP33, Jack Lupton was the first to have an issue when in a close heat with GP50 fell in a whole in the top turn the boat climbed in the air landing up the right way damaging the front wing putting the young Lupton out of the final .

GP577, Ken Lupton was wining his heat when the oil filter came off with one lap to go forcing him out of the heat . Ken had enough points to make the six boat final while running in second place he had rudder flutter going into the bottom turn causing the boat to flat spin putting an end to his dream of a Valleyfield podium finish .

The teams returned to their base in Brockville and have been repairing the boats for their next event 6-7th August in North Tonawanda near Niagara Falls . Boat builder Jamie Auld has made adjustments to the turn fins which will make the boats handle a lot better.

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