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According to Motu Economic if you want quality of life, sun and a place by the beach then the best place to live in New Zealand is Whitianga. Those fortunate to live in Whitianga would only agree with that and given the amazing lifestyle benefits it makes a lot of sense.

HITIANGA is home to the superior Hopper lifestyle development of Whitianga Waterways. The waterways project is a third of the way through and upon completion will contain over 1500 residential lots, a 100+ room resort hotel, mixed-use commercial/retail areas, retirement village and a marine precinct. The vision for Whitianga is not just to create a sub-division but provide a vibrant, innovative and exciting community, flush with menities that enhance the natural area and grows the region. Whitianga Waterways is a haven for those who desire a lifestyle by the water and want to spend more time enjoying the quality things in life. The Waterways lifestyle appeals to boat owners and the canal front sections enable owners to moor their boats right on the edge of their property. Boating in the area is nothing short of magnificent whether your cruising or fishing the Coromandel coastline or relaxing at the nearby Mercury Islands. The surrounding clear waters and white sandy beaches remind us why this is one of the best coastal locations in New Zealand.

Those that have lived on the Coromandel Peninsula for several years may take for granted the idyllic lifestyle that the Coromandel allows. But for those who visit the region or have just decided to make it their permanent home, it is nothing short of paradise. The diverse and interesting people who make up the communities of the peninsula, help grow the area and make it even more attractive. Leigh Hopper, Managing Director of Hopper Developments recently made a permanent move to Whitianga waterways. Although Leigh has had a long-time relationship with the area, he still views the region with fresh eyes. The potential of the Coromandel region and his vision for Whitianga is one of the reasons he has decided to build his home on the Waterways and base the majority of his time in Mercury Bay.

Whitianga Waterways

The love of the Coromandel began when Leigh was a child growing up in Pauanui. Leigh remembers fondly the trips across the Tairua harbour on his father Ian’s home-made amphibian to catch the school bus and later sharing the vision with his Dad to build Pauanui Waterways.

Boating and a love of the water have always been part of his life. When you ask Leigh where the best boating in the world is, he doesn’t hesitate to say “the turquoise waters around the Mercury Islands, the Pohutakawas in flower over summer and white sandy beaches, you just can’t beat the Mercs!”.

Living and semi-retiring on the waterways has always been part of the plan and will give Leigh more time to focus on the vision for Whitianga waterways. The waterways community offers a unique style of living with neighbours often travelling to see each other by boat or paddle board. The safe and friendly environment is ideal for walking or cycling and located only minutes to the shops.

Two years ago the waterways opened New Zealand’s first man-made island, and work has begun on the next island, Motu Wai Taha. The first stage is now
complete and is accessed through the future dockside retail area. The residents fortunate to reside on Motu Wai Taha cross the new bridge into what is set to become one of the most desirable areas within the waterways.

“Canal front owners on stage 10 of Motu Wai Taha will  experience stunning views over the Grand canal with easy boat access to the waterways  entrance and beyond. The future plans include waterfront retail within walking or paddleboarding from the island in the neighbouring Dockside gateway area,” says Leigh. A show home is open over summer on this stage and visitors will be able to experience the magic of the site, relax on the couch and even enjoy a drink with the sales team. Over the summer, the sales team will be based out of the show home and offering short boat rides around the canals an ideal time to experience a taste of the waterway’s lifestyle.

Sections in Stage 10 start from $340,000 for non-canal and canal front from $730,000. When compared to the price of property in Auckland and all the attributes you gain from living in the waterways, this is exceptional value and indeed a lifestyle like no other.

‘The turquoise waters around the Mercury Islands, the Pohutakawas in flower over summer and white sandy beaches, you just can’t beat the Mercs!’

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