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Mike is shown being farewelled by Maritimo’s lead designer Tom Barry-Cotter.

Australian luxury motor yacht builder, Maritimo, has farewelled one of its longest-serving employees, Mike Kenny.

Mike retired this month after a career spanning more than one and a half decades, and he said he loved every minute of it. He has the distinction of working on every single Maritimo ever produced.

 “I can truly say I have enjoyed every single day working at Maritimo, and I have seen a lot of people come and go and come and go again,” he said.

“My team and I have been responsible for cleaning and detailing the finished boats before they are handed over, and it is very rewarding to see all the hard work and effort of a big team of people come together with yet another Maritimo launched for the first time.”

Mike said the first boat he worked on was Maritimo 60/01. He worked for a company contracting to Maritimo and eventually took that company over and ran it himself.

“I remember working in the small sheds that were the original headquarters at Hope Island, and then there were bigger buildings constructed before the whole operation moved to Coomera,” he said.

 “Over the years, I have watched as the Coomera facility has grown and the business has expanded, and it has been very rewarding to be part of such a successful team.”

Mike leaves the detailing and cleaning side of the Maritimo production line in safe hands with long-serving employees Tony Ellis and Michael Cox taking over from him.

Asked if he has a favourite out of all the boats Maritimo has built, Mike doesn’t hesitate to nominate the new M55 as his personal choice.

“It is a fantastic boat, and the rear cockpit and adventure deck area provides such a great level of space to relax and enjoy being on the water, so it is my favourite,” he said.

Mike said the original Maritimo 48’s also held a special place in his heart. 

“They were a great boat and still are, but the new 55’s are something else,” he said.

Having finished his career Mike now plans on spending his time catching up with friends, finishing off his house renovation and spending a lot more time on the water’ in his 28 footer.

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