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Mckay announce it has reached agreement to take a 35% stake in the Wellington Electric Boat Building Company (WEBBCo).

McKay has been the electrical systems partner to WEBBCo for design and construction of Ika Rere, a 19m 132 passenger carbon fibre ferry for East by West Ferries. McKay has recognised for several years that the future of transport is electric, and sees its stake in WEBBCo as the best way to participate in the application of electric propulsion to marine passenger vessels.

McKay Managing Director Lindsay Faithfull says, “With the combination of Whangarei sourced specialist marine expertise and the resources of the Wellington region, Wellington has an opportunity to become a centre of excellence for electric passenger ferries. McKay is tremendously excited to be part of this journey and to make a meaningful contribution to a zero-carbon future.”

McKay is an 83-year-old vertically integrated electrotechnology company that carries out engineering design, automation, manufacturing, construction, and maintenance. McKay works in the marine, infrastructure, heavy industry, commercial, and renewable power markets. McKay is headquartered in Whangarei with operations throughout most of New Zealand.

Wellington Electric Boat Building Company (WEBBCo) builds, and supplies composite-constructed all-electric ferries designed to suit each specific route, offering operators and route-owners reduced running and maintenance costs, improved passenger experience and a higher residual value, while meeting environmental targets.

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