Mclay 511 Fortress Wide Body

by admin

Mclay Boats have added two new wide body models to their Fortress range for 2021. 

They are the 491 Fortress wide body which will eventually be the replacement model of the 481, and the 511 Fortress wide body. The major difference between these new models and current models is they are 200mm wider beam which gives them a huge cockpit. They are available in tiller control, side console or centre console.

One of the first of the new models to be completed is the 511 Fortress Wide Body with welded side console has a heavy duty plate alloy construction, the hull is constructed with a 5mm 5083 plate grade bottom sheet and 3mm 5083 side sheet with a 4mm checker plate floor. This rugged offshore capable side console offers plenty of storage, hull length of 5.40m, a wide beam of 2.20m and a deep bow to give you confidence to take on some rough stuff.

This super tough package is suitable for outboards 75-90hp and comes with a front cast deck with deck drains, bow rails, side rails and a bow mount plate for electric motor. Options include a live bait tank, front cast deck extension and 100 litre fuel tank.

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