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AkzoNobel offers unmatched antifouling performance with the launch of Micron 99.

AkzoNobel continues to set the standard for yacht antifoulings with the latest addition to its renowned International Micron range. Micron 99 incorporates unique Self Polishing Copolymer (SPC) and Biolux technology to create a continuous polishing action so that the coating only gets smoother over time.

This, in turn, minimises drag and maximises speed to increase fuel efficiency and offer outstanding performance results and ultimately reduce emissions to the environment.

The technologically advanced high solid formula is also lower VOC than other traditional products, further reducing its impact on the planet.

The self-polishing aspect means it also requires fewer coats and eliminates the need to reapply each season, as it won’t lose its antifouling effectiveness when coming in and out of the water – thus reducing overall labour costs.

It also delivers outstanding, long-lasting protection (including up to 12 months out-of-the-water exposure time) in the harshest conditions – creating the ultimate multi-season performance in salt, brackish, and freshwaters following professional application on vessels over 20 metres.

Available in black and blue and red, Micron 99 is compatible with fibreglass, wood, steel, iron and lead. It is not suitable for use over aluminium/alloy substrates or zinc sprayed surfaces.


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