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Multihull Solutions has added the new Cora Cat 48 to its range after being announced as the shipyard’s exclusive Asia Pacific distributor.

The feature-packed family power catamaran is built by the prestigious PMG shipyard, making several Silent 60 yachts for the Luxury European Silent Yachts Group.

Adapted from the original Heliotrope 48, the Cora Cat 48 comprises a host of upgrades, including a complete interior and exterior redesign, new deck moulds and a huge suite of features.   

The catamaran has been designed to emphasise functionality, safety and comfort. It is ideal for weekend cruising or blue-water adventures with an outstanding long-cruise range of 1,500nm. 

Philippe Guenat and naval architect Dr Albert Nazarov designed the Cora Cat 48 around space, pace and grace principles. The result is an impressive catamaran that unites advanced construction techniques, traditional craftsmanship, high quality finishes and contemporary lines.

The Cora Cat 48 features a huge signature flybridge, larger than any in its category. Besides generous cabins and a spacious galley, there is ample deck space without compromising performance. 

The Cora Cat 48 also has fast displacement hulls, which deliver effortless speed, high manoeuvrability and excellent fuel economy. The advanced vacuum-infusion hull construction technique reduces weight without compromising strength, making handling easy in all conditions. Her hulls are further strengthened by an extra layer of 5mm SORIC for chock and impact-resistant protection. 

The Cora Cat 48 is not a production boat, so clients can make adaptions to suit their particular style and cruising needs. 

Multihull Solutions has ordered the first Cora Cat 48 to be on display at the 2023 Australian boat shows, and the first Australian order was taken following the 2022 Sanctuary Cove Boat Show. The next available Cora catamaran is available for delivery during 2023.

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