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Nautical Group Holdings Limited (NGH), a New Zealand entity has acquired 100% of the shares of NZ Railblaza Ltd and NTD Plastics Ltd.

Marc Michel, a highly experienced senior executive, has been appointed as the new CEO of NGH which will see Ross Pratt transition out of his operational role over the next few months whilst remaining as a director and adviser. Mike Edgington has been appointed General Manager of Railblaza and has assumed full responsibility for all day-to-day operations reporting to Michel.

“We are super excited to have Railblaza and NTD as the foundation portfolio companies to prove our investment strategy with further acquisitions to come,” says Michel. ”The group aims to achieve a dominant market position for each of its niche portfolio brands whilst accelerating an innovation focus with speed to market and with the group assisting portfolio companies to build out governance and corporate functions to a higher level of maturity to support global growth.

Railblaza was founded by Ross Pratt in 2010 following the sale of his previous marine electrical business, now owned by Brunswick Corp. Railblaza has grown to be a leading brand, internationally positioned across small-end marine, off the beach and paddle sports accessories.

The business offers a wide range of products, but core product lines include kayak carts, rod holders and a range of innovative and unique mounts, made from reinforced plastic, stainless steel and anodized aluminium. The mounts have a huge number of applications and form part of a unique product ecosystem for the other accessories.

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