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Tech boat building startup Navier aims high with the US’s first foiling electric powerboat. 

Navier a Silicon Valley startup is building technology to radically increase efficiency of small power boats by 90% while ensuring zero emissions and a vastly superior ride experience.

Led by two MIT engineers who are avid boaters with extensive experience in ocean robotics, aerospace flight controls and autonomous systems. Additionally, the team is working with world renowned experts involved in America’s Cup foil development.

The first product is the Navier 27, an all-electric hydrofoil performance craft capable of a range exceeding 75 nautical miles at a 20kt cruising speed. The craft is outfitted with

a highly advanced autopilot with features we see in today’s self-driving land vehicles.

The craft will also have exceptionally advanced autonomy features. The foils will ensure a smooth ride over chop and the minimal wetted surface reduces drag, resulting in the most efficient operation possible.

High tech features of the vessel include a highly advanced autopilot capable of both speed and course control, as well as an aerospace grade foil control system and assistive docking technology, making the Navier 27 the most technologically advanced recreational powerboat on or above the water.

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