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While they are unlikely to ever become truly mainstream, there is a definite and, it appears, growing demand for large, go-anywhere, cabin RIBs such as the Assault 11m.

The Pursuit 11 is the largest model in the Assault range and, considering it comes with a price tag ranging from just under $NZ300,000 to almost $NZ400,000, surprisingly popular.

Currently there are three Puruit 11m on the water, with more pending, including a smaller Pursuit 8m version.

All three are powered by twin Yamaha 4-stroke outboards, from 330hp through to 425hp. The previous two were 425hp V8s and 300hp V6s. Although there is obviously a reasonably noticeable difference between the three in both outright speed and fuel consumption at the top end, Peter notes that, at cruising speeds, the difference in economy is almost non-existant.

Despite its size and the fact the Pursuit 11 has a full sized cabin, with 2-metre long berths and an electric toilet, these boats are not typically used for overnighting. They are primarily day boats, used to transport reasonably large numbers of people from one home to another, from a beach house to an island beach or to a larger size vessel.

 They have proven particularly popular in places were people have holiday homes on offshore islands or in remote settings; places such as Auckland, the Bay of Islands and the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand and Perth in Western Australia (think Rottnest and their other offshore islands).

While a top speed of 53 knots and immaculate high-speed lock to lock turns are definitely fun, the thing that most impresses is how easily driven the boat is.


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