New Nimbus C8

by admin

Nimbus has released the first image of the new Nimbus C8, the smallest boat in this series.  


Nimbus launched the new WTC-series (Weekender, Tender and Commuter) three years ago on the BOOT fair in Duesseldorf and has been very successful with this new range.

The Nimbus C8 (8.15m) is based on the same hull as the awarded T8, with the same measurements but some additional weight due to the cabin. The new boat’s design is similar to that of its sister boats with big light flooding windows, an open deck and outboard engines. The wide 2.60m beam makes maximum use of the internal space.

The new C8 has a displacement of 2300kg, fuel capacity of 240 litres and a projected top speed of more than 40 knots.

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