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Chinese manufacturer Parsun has launched its biggest outboard to date, the Parsun 115. 

The success of Parsun’s F115 project means that China is now the third country to have the capability to produce large horsepower outboard motors after the American and Japanese brands and is the first in China.

At this stage not a lot has been released about the technical aspects of the engine, apart from it being a four cylinder, four stroke.

Some things we know is the engine features include the addition of a knock-proof sensor and a sensor for water detection. There is an innovative crankshaft bias design and the connection of the flywheel and crankshaft. The engine has an absence of cylinder liners and the engine comes with APP self-diagnosis engine system, which facilitates maintenance and after sales care. Parsun say it will be a match for other 115hp engines in the class.

It has been granted type approval certificates from organisations such as CCS type approval China, EPA and CE, etc. Parsun’s engines are already distributed in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

The Parsun F115 Is being released to the Chinese’s domestic market in approx. October for 3 months testing then it will be released to the rest of the world. Expect to see the first engines arrive in Feb/March next year.

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