New Pro Mariner Waterproof Charger

by admin

ProMariner ProSportHD is the updated version of the already successful ProSport series of lightweight, onboard waterproof battery chargers.

Designed for use in harsh marine environments with industrial grade jacketed DC and AC power cables and rated IP67, the generation 4 ProSportHD features a new fuel gauge like display so boat owners can easily see the state of their battery’s charge status.

The four-colour expanded LED display, shows multi-stage charge mode, individual battery status, battery type indication and individual fault indications. Users can select three digital performance charge profiles for flooded (lead acid) AGM and GEL batteries.

“ProMariner’s ProSportHD series is ideal for all trailer boats, especially these days with increased load on batteries with equipment like trolling motors, advanced electronics, and live bait tank systems just to name a few” Doug Anderson, Sales Leader of Power Products APAC says “

ProSportHD series is designed for use on any sized vessel and will charge, maintain and monitor up to three batteries. Onboard installation simplifies the process of charging batteries, with a convenient plug and play charging system. ProsportHD’s boasts a new tri-surface heat sink design, this allows significantly faster charging through optimal cooling while delivering true rated amp output during charge mode.

Fully automatic five stage digital performance charging, analyses, charges, conditions, maintains and also reconditions batteries once a month during storage periods, extending battery life.

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