Orion and Smuggler Marine Awarded Costs from Sealegs

by admin

Following a lengthy court battle lasting almost four years, the Auckland High Court has sealed an order for costs against Sealegs.

This brings the total of costs awarded against Sealegs to circa $500k with the costs to be paid immediately.

As Sealegs are in default of payment, a statutory demand has been issued. If payment is not received by 26th May 2020 then proceedings to liquidate Sealegs will commence.

Additionally, papers for a combined damage claim of $11m against Sealegs are being filed. The damage claim arises from the injunction issued in December 2016 which prevented Smuggler, Stryda, Orion and other associated companies from manufacturing and selling amphibious craft.


The injunction was lifted in August 2019 when the Court of Appeal overturned the High Court’s earlier decision. It is anticipated that a date for hearing the damages claim will be granted before year end.

“Smuggler Marine, Orion and Stryda are pleased to be back into full production mode after the Covid 19 lockdown. All three companies wish to thank loyal boating community supporters for their unwavering support”, says Smuggler director, Pauline Pringle.

She added that since the injunction was lifted business has been brisk and they are on track to release a number of new models to their amphibious range this year.

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