Railblaza Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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Railblaza Ltd. has reached an exciting milestone as the organisation recognises ten years of designing and producing accessories for the marine industry.

With a versatile product line, Railblaza allows the opportunity to spend less time setting up and more time enjoying the outdoors. While working on his property, founder Ross Pratt struggled to find a reliable solution for securing things onto the back of his ATV. Born out of necessity, Pratt developed a system that he quickly realised would provide the answer to a multitude of problems, not only on land but also on the water. After kicking around various monikers at the dinner table, Pratt’s wife Julie coined the name Railblaza. 

For Pratt, the LEAN manufacturing method had already been a proven approach, and one he had used at BEP Marine, a company Pratt helped his father start in the 1980s. Knowing he couldn’t do it alone, Pratt reached out to a former colleague, Mike Edgington, to run the operations. 

Although the company was small, their dedication to quality and efficiency ensured a solid foundation from the jump-off, allowing the first order to dispatch in March 2010. Ten years later, Edgington is still part of the leadership unit and is a member of a team that is dedicated entirely to ensuring the implementation of optimal production practices. 

Always looking to further enhance production methods, in 2016, Pratt acquired Napier Tool and Die, an injection moulding company located in Napier, New Zealand. The vertical integration has allowed Railblaza to carefully control its supply chain, keep rising costs at bay, and establish an in-house recycling program. 

On the front line of sustainability is Pratt’s son, Chris, who is diligent in ensuring the company upholds its dedication to creating products with a low environmental footprint. Railblaza adheres to strict quality standards by utilising only top-grade engineering plastics for longevity, and minimal packaging made only of recyclable materials. This approach results in one of the lowest rates of warranty claims in the industry.  

Their expansion in boating products has been steady over the past ten years and has gained momentum in the past five, to overtake paddle sports as a category. “We want to continue to strengthen our partnerships with manufacturers and distribution channels in the boating business. By listening to and working side by side with our customers, we can develop new products that their customers get excited about; we have a bright future ahead of us,” stated Edgington. 

In the coming decade, Railblaza intends to continue its focus on sustainability efforts through manufacturing. 

Railblaza manufactures a versatile line of products and mounting systems made to accommodate a diverse range of applications, whether on land or water. Based in Auckland, New Zealand, with an office in Houston, Texas and representation in Europe, Railblaza exports to over 50 countries. 


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