Raritan Power Flush

by admin

Most marine toilets are either manual or electric. The PH PowerFlush from Raritan Engineering can be both.

Ideal for the cruising sailor or powerboater, it delivers the ability to add a gearbox for powered operation and quickly convert back to manual operation, if necessary. Plus, its mounting base footprint matches industry standards to make it an easy and fast upgrade.

With Raritan’s P105E Conversion Kit, it’s easy to transform the manual PH SuperFlush to a PH PowerFlush with smooth and quiet electric flush. The newly designed gearbox and base are easier to clean, and the motor has an epoxy finish for use in moist heads.

In manual mode, the PH SuperFlush clears the ceramic bowl quickly with fewer strokes due to its efficient double-action piston pump that’s 66% larger than competitive models. The telescoping lever makes flushing effortless and tucks out of the way when not in use. The base and housing are made from a heavily engineered polymer and are reversible for left-handed operation.

Renowned for its trouble-free operation, the PH PowerFlush features a proprietary full-size 38mm joker valve and can be installed above or below the waterline. It has a maximum lift of 1.2m and will dry-flush to keep water out of the device while underway.

Unlike many marine toilets, Raritan’s PH PowerFlush is offered in two sizes to fit a wide range of headspaces. The Standard model’s bowl measures 330mm H x 451mm W and 438mm D. The Household version is 334mm H x 464mm W x 508mm D. Both come standard with slow-close lids and integrated locking tabs to keep the seat in place while the boat is moving. www.lusty-blundell.co.nz

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