Raymarine Releases CZone Plug & Play

by admin

Raymarine’s new update of LightHouse3 includes the ability to seamlessly integrate CZone digital switching with a much-anticipated auto-populate feature.

By using switching modules that reduce the need for cabling and cumbersome switch and fuse panels, digital switching allows owners to greatly simplify the installation of their onboard marine electrical systems with full control from their Raymarine MFD.

Auto-populating takes a simple plug and play approach to CZone integration. With an existing config file onboard, the user can choose to build basic circuit pages without need for a dedicated graphics file.

Alternatively, Raymarine’s dedicated graphics tool can be used to allow for a fully customised user interface that suits the owner’s needs. With the addition of a page hop function, owners now can seamlessly transition between pages and through use of rich custom graphics, these bespoke switching pages transform the switching interface and simplify the onboard electrical and monitoring systems like never before.


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