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The AnyDesk remote access app, one of the latest additions to the Raymarine LightHouse apps family, is proving to be a real game-changer. 

 Released as part of the latest LightHouse software update, AnyDesk allows support technicians to remotely access a customer’s Axiom system and quickly and efficiently diagnose and resolve issues that may otherwise require a vessel visit.

Customers connect their Axiom to the internet using a wireless network or mobile hotspot, open the AnyDesk app and provide the code to a technical support person to begin a remote session via a PC.

The technician can then view their entire system in real-time, remotely perform diagnostic and system checks to quickly locate and resolve network or system issues.

Lusty and Blundell service manager Reg Werner says AnyDesk is completely changing how he and his team can solve issues.

“For example, we had an out-of-town customer that was experiencing chart plotting problems. We had tried, without success, to fix it on the phone, and we’re looking at having to make a site visit.

“Using AnyDesk, we were able to identify and resolve the problem in just over 10 minutes, probably saving ourselves six hours of travel and an overnight stay.

The latest version of Lighthouse 3 software, v3.13.103, is now available to download at (https://www.raymarine.eu/service-and-support/software-updates/mfds/lighthouse3/axiom-models.html.


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