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Cyclone Pro is the latest of Raymarine’s revolutionary award-winning CHIRP radars

It’s additional power, which complements the many other innovative elements of the unique Cyclone design, far exceeds that of other radars and places it firmly in the professional category.

At only 110 watts, Raymarine’s new Cyclone Pro boasts the same power as a 12kW standard open array radar! This additional power also ensures that the Cyclone Pro can detect even very weak targets such as spherical navigation and fishing buoys (which are notoriously difficult for radars to locate) and small or distant flocks of birds (a real boon for key fishers).

Using only very modest amounts of microwave energy, the Cyclone Pro’s incredible power gives owners a greatly extended range. In adverse weather conditions (heavy seas, strong rain and dense fog) this increased power enables the Cyclone Pro to negate these challenging environmental factors and clearly identify and display both close range and distant targets.

With a strikingly aggressive aircraft-wing-style design, Cyclone Pro radars employ the latest CHIRP pulse compression and beam-sharpening technology, combined with Raymarine’s unique new RangeFusion. They are built to withstand extreme winds (up to 100 knots!) and, thanks to their stunningly-fast 60rpm rotational speed, can deliver 360-degree awareness and accurate tracking of up to 100 distinct ARPA targets in real-time, even when the vessel is at full speed!


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