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Proudly New Zealand designed and made, the Saronic SixFour is built to the highest calibre to deliver the ultimate wakeboarding, surfing or skating experience. 

The SixFour with its sleek lines and low-profile dash, it’s a sure head turner, but there’s more to the SixFour than meets the eye. In fact, it’s everything you could want on the water – and then some.

Leading the way in New Zealand designed tow boats, the SixFour’s powerful, high quality construction and 3,000 lb of ballast create huge, rampy wakes and mellow transitions.

Plus, there is a certain simplicity built into its core. Whether you’re up for a surf, ski, wakeboard or ready to cruise home, you’ll relish complete control at the push of a button.

The ‘Saronic Ride System’ (SRS), 7” touch screen is pre-programmed for the ultimate wakes and waves, so all you have to do is push ‘GO’. There’s no need for dialling instructions, confusing set ups, or swapping seats. What’s more, with thoughtful design features like seat-heaters and a lift-out chilly bin, the SixFour is in a league of its own.

The SixFour has an overall length of 6.40m, or 7.23m including the platform, with a beam of 2.4m and draft of .71m.

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