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After a lengthy gestation, the distinctive 15m sportsfisher SeaWolf was recently launched from the Whitianga boatyard of Harkin Boat Works.

Designed by Auckland’s LOMOcean for Tahiti based SeaWolf Expeditions, the boat is destined to range far and wide around the Pacific and will be towing lures for a large proportion of the time she is underway.

Although nearly all modern sport fishers use a fast planing hull designed to climb out of the water at high speed, these aren’t as fuel efficient at slow speeds as SeaWolf’s, which is specifically designed for trolling and passage making. The hull looks as though it should be more at home on a sailing yacht – albeit one that can also get up and go quite a bit quicker than what most would expect from a displacement hull shape.  

SeaWolf hit 18 knots in first sea trials from her single, continuously rated 520hp MAN diesel engine. Unlike most game boats with pleasure rated machinery, SeaWolf’s engine can safely deliver that power all day, every day. Going fast backwards is pretty useful in a game boat, and, entertainingly for the trials crew, she cracked nearly 14 knots in reverse.

Initial stability tests showed a reassuringly high stiffness in roll, borne out by the boat’s easy motion when broadside to the sea – even without the gyro stabiliser operating.

The boat features several interesting technical features, all focussed on finding smart, innovative solutions to the specific requirements of a small but perfectly formed, ocean capable gamefisher. LOOK FOR A FULL REVIEW IN THE JULY-AUG ISSUE OF PACIFIC POWERBOAT.

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